Being overly self-critical, drinking too much, losing a loved one, having a baby or difficulty expressing your frustrations may lead to depression.

If you believe you might be depressed ask yourself if any of the following ten symptoms apply. Are you:

  • Feeling down?
  • Not enjoying things you used to?
  • Feeling like you don't have much energy?
  • Having a hard time concentrating?
  • Finding yourself thinking about suicide?
  • Experiencing changes in your sleep?
  • Eating a lot more or a lot less?
  • Feeling frequent aches or pains?
  • Crying more than normal?
  • Feeling irritable?

If you are experiencing three or more of these symptoms you may be depressed. It is recommended that you contact a mental health professional to discuss your concerns.

Disclaimer: This checklist is not a substitute for counseling, psychological testing, or medical treatment.

(Sources include The American Medical Association Family Medical Guide and the American Psychiatric Association (2000), Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Mental Disorders IV)

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